Thursday, August 13, 2009

On Turning 30...

Today is my 30th birthday, and I feel fine, thank you.

Kasey, Eden, and I spent the day together, hiking the beautiful cliffs and crevasses of Nelson Ledges Park, picking out a sparkly necklace, and watching Julie and Julia, a remarkably apropos movie for the occasion. In the movie, the character Julie begins her blog on August 13th, turns 30 in the course of her year of writing the blog, and gets a necklace from her husband to mark the occasion. This of course reminded me of my blog, which I have been neglecting.

I find it difficult to know how to write, not knowing who I’m writing to. And am I really writing to anyone? A blog seems inherently narcissistic, and even more so when it’s first beginning and quite possibly has only one reader – the writer’s mother. But I want to remember these days, and the fleeting thoughts that are lost with time if they aren’t put down in black and white. And I want my daughter to know my thoughts of early motherhood – to be able to read about her life from that perspective when she is older and has children of her own. And I want my friends and family who are far away to be able to see her growing up years.

So I will write, to enjoy life, to keep fleeting moments alive, and hopefully to draw in some reader other than my mother. Here goes…

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