Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Present

I am learning these days to enjoy the present moment...Eden changes so fast!
She used to like being held up on my shoulder looking back; now she twists herself around to see what's going on in front, and soon she'll be wanting to get down and explore things herself.
She used to stop nursing and look up at me with a playful smile; now she keeps nursing while reaching up and feeling my face with her hand, and soon she'll not want to stop long enough to nurse.
She used to require 30 minutes of walking and rocking to fall asleep; now she only needs five minutes of rocking, and one day she won't need to be rocked to sleep at all.
Her quickly changing nature is both encouraging and's good to know that what might be trying or difficult now will probably soon pass, but it's also sad no longer seeing certain cute expressions or having quite as much cuddle time.
Above all, she reminds me to delight in the present!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Little Pumpkin...It's Eden's first Autumn!
Grandma and Grandpa Lee carved a pumpkin using Eden as a model. She is fascinated by the trees and changing leaves in our yard and neighborhood and stares up at them on walks.