Wednesday, June 3, 2009

diaper battles

Eden has decided recently that she does not like getting her diaper changed. No, she hates it.

So she whines when we approach the changing table and then arches her back and sticks her feet to the mat so it's difficult to lay her down. Once she's laying down, she throws her arms over head to grasp the bar running along the end of the changing table, and uses her strong grip to wrench her body over to her stomach. Then she's on her knees, then sitting up looking around. And this takes about five seconds.

Trying to change her diaper while she does this is difficult and, well, messy. We have three changing table covers and we've gone through all three of them in a week. Her changing mat is now bare - it's easier that way.

I've found two approaches that work to get us through a diaper change. The first is to hold her down with one hand when necessary and change the diaper as fast as possible with the other. I'm not such a fan of this option, because I sure wouldn't want to be physically restrained that way.

I discovered the second option this afternoon. If I match her intensity with my own goofy, crazy, brand of happy, she gets distracted and forgets how terrible it is. I sang a rousing rendition of the abc song while helping her throw her legs and body up and down, and it worked. We'll see how long it lasts.

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