Thursday, March 18, 2010

some quotes from today...

Eden, while saying hi to 'baby Ihsuc' in my belly this morning:
"Baby Ihsuc come out!"
Me: "What is baby Isaac going to do when he comes out?"
Eden: "pay Inna's toys" (play with Eden's toys)

While riding in a shopping cart later in the day:
"Auntie Den (Jen) wuf Inna... Uncle Dosh wuf Inna"
Me: "That's right, they do love Eden. Who else loves Eden?"
Eden: "Inna wuf Daddy."

And while on the changing table getting her pjs on tonight:
"Mommy uh Daddy wuf Inna sooo much!"

This girl's all about love!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Please Knock Before Entering

A couple of mornings this past week, Eden's begun going in her room and shutting the door while I'm in the bathroom getting ready in the morning. She hasn't figured out how to open doors yet though, so after a minute or two I will open the door and check on her and make sure she's not wanting to get out. And after I open the door, she promptly shuts it, as if to say that she needs her privacy.

I'm so not ready for this! Sometimes she acts like a teenager in a 20-month-old's body.

So I decided to leave her alone in there and wait to see what would happen. After about ten minutes, I peeked in to find this:
My baby girl is growing up!