Monday, April 14, 2014

Collaborative Poetry, Part Two

And here's the rest of our poems!  We didn't give them titles, but I'm using the topic as the title so it doesn't get confusing.  Again, thanks to these authors for contributing: Connor Ball, Satyam Bharadwaj, Sherry Corley, Daniel Guastella, Bryonna Manes, Jody Mitchell, and Dustin Tushar.


So close, yet so far, I can almost hear the beach's
waves wherever they are.
My toes curl, searching for sand to
blissfully hide beneath.
So delicate and so warm, but not too hot to burn my feet.
The water and my feet meet for a nice
The sting of the sun, and burning skin,
suntan lotion, and foamy waves.
Pressing heat but hurts so great,
the one thing we look for on college break.
For this is our time to chill and rest
because that's what we do best.

Trusting Someone

Being stripped of any sense of security, putting
power into someone else's hands.
The one true hero we look upon, for guidance
and comfort, peace and tranquility,
For this person truly has your back
for years and years to come.
For this person will never leave you, will never betray
Yet this doubt lingers in your mind,
haunting your heart.
Like these new cars they're all push to start, If you keep
pushing my buttons we will split apart.
Just like my heart if you break
our trust for we must
stick together.


Cats are furry, cats are round
Lots of furballs floating 'round.
Cats can scratch
Dogs aren't a match.
Cats lounge for hours in the sun,
Since they have no work to be done.
Whisker to whisker, they move so quick,
So quiet - they are basically slick.
They run through allies with fur against the bricks,
and skip through bushes without hitting a single stick.
Their quick nimble feet pitter-patter
along the brick as they
skip, skip, skip.


I look up into the sky and see
Not a bird, not a plane, but the stars are what's free.
But what's really free, are we
Freedom we are guaranteed,
But freedom binds us greatly.
Fought and won, we can never be without.
But we do not think of how much we need
until we lose what we cherish most.

Check out yesterday's post for the description of our method and how you, too, can have fun writing amazing poetry.  Thanks for reading!

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