Friday, September 6, 2013

Making Emends

I’m three days into this ten day challenge and am finding it to be too much.  In aiming for creating meaning and simplicity, making a list of nine changes to incorporate into my life all at once is proving to be too much.  Surprise. 

And there is so much I didn’t account for when making my goals…like, how am I supposed to go to bed at 10pm when Kasey and I recently got hooked on Downton Abbey?  And how am I supposed to keep my time online to 30 minutes per day when I have to do research for teaching and place orders for my art and look up recipes and check the weather so we know what kind of clothes to wear?  And most importantly, how can I possibly add “give up sugar” to any list, since just giving up sugar requires all of the willpower and emotional energy I have in a ten day span? 

So.  I’m making emends.  I’m not making amends, because there is no harm in making a goal and realizing it to be ridiculous.  I’m making emends; because this list-text needs serious revising. 

I picked two goals that have proven to be important and rewarding so far. 
~ Go for a run or walk every day.
~ Keep daily gratitude journal with family. 

I’m loving my walks and runs.  They’re turning into something more – river wading and wet pants, new running goals. 

I’m loving keeping a gratitude journal.  Writing down a couple things I’m thankful for first thing in the day brings my priorities into focus.  And I love hearing what my kids are thankful for…

Eden: “That God is mine and everybody else’s.” 
Isaac: “For the fish in our house.” 
Eden: “That you (Mama) are with me and Daddy is with me and Isaac is with me.  That I live with you guys.” 

That last one was especially meaningful to me, since Eden has been declaring as of late that she wants to live with her friends, or her cousin, or whoever’s house we’re leaving at that moment.  I’m glad she likes living with us sometimes too. 

Now that I’ve decluttered my list, I think I can continue this declutter your world challenge for the remaining 7 days.  


Michellelouise said...

Oh Jamie, I totally understand. I find that I can only change ONE habit at a time. And that is it. I'm still failing at the "get up when my husband's alarm goes off" goal each morning. I fail before the day even starts! Yes, your two goals sound like a perfect start. :) And, plus, it seems you've already got the most important priorities straight, as evidenced by the beautiful pictures of your children. :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for reading, Michelle! Yes, it is so hard to make any lasting changes...and I think this season of life is particularly challenging in that way. :)

Leah H said...

Definitely feeling the same way! At first I loved the idea of changing so many things at once, but it didn't take long to remember that I can handle one or two changes at once, not three sticky notes full.
I have managed to stick to the ones that were important to me and will likely carry on with them, but find that I am actually grateful for some of the goals I haven't met. They allowed me to see that some of these things I thought I wanted were things that when it comes right down to I really just wanted to want.
I'm glad to hear that you are editing your challenge so that it fits you and serves it's purpose to make your life better rather than just adding stress.