Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peace In A Jar: Conversation Questions

Dinnertime conversation has resembled locker room talk around here lately.  Our mealtime rules are pretty clear:  stay in your seat, ask for things politely, no potty talk, and no fighting.  Lately these rules have become regularly ignored, to the point where Kasey and I were breaking rules 2 and 4 in our demands that the kids follow rules 1 and 3.  So, I instituted the “Conversation Question Jar” in an attempt to culture us a little bit. 

I gathered a bunch of random conversation questions from the interwebs, printed them, and stuffed them in a small mason jar.  Voila.  Peace in a jar. 


It definitely helped with rules 1, 2, and 4. 

The first question pulled out was “What is something that you’re really proud of yourself for?” 

Eden:  “I’m proud that I’m a big sister to Isaac.”  (So sweet.  I love that she’s proud of something she IS, not something that she DOES.)

Isaac:  “…(long pause)…I proud dat I pee in my diaper.  Hee hee.”   (Awesome.) 

Question number two was “What is something that you want to learn how to do well?” 

Eden:  “I want to learn how to tie my shoes!” 

Isaac:  “I want to learn how to get da ‘tuff from da roof of da shelter when it raining.”  (Love his imagination.  He sounds like a future Survivor Man or something.) 

And I should have left well enough alone, but for some reason I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to encourage potty learning by saying, “And Isaac, are you looking forward to learning how to pee in the potty?” 

Isaac:  “Pee on da floor.  Hee hee.” 

That one was totally my fault.  


Sara said...

Is this what I have to look forward to with having a boy?? :-P He's such a little stinker!

Jamie said...

He is a stinker. And I have to say, the amount of potty talk in our house has increased exponentially since he started talking. Eden didn't seem to have the same fascination, although she is very entertained by it now. :)