Friday, May 1, 2009


At one of my baby showers, I received a yellow-triangled "Baby on Board" sign to post in the rear window of my car. I'm not a bumper sticker type person, and I've never been a fan of personalized license plates, but I made the leap and put the sign in my car. After all, my baby's safety was at stake here, right? I knew what this sign would do for us -- it would tell tail-gaters to back off to a safe distance, admonish road-ragers to please find some momentary patience, and give speeders pause.

Then I had a baby.

And I realized what that sign really means.
- Get out of my way - I've got a crying baby in my car!
- Don't honk at me when the light turns green - I'm trying to give her a toy.
- Don't call the cops if I swerve a little - I'm reaching back to try to comfort her.
- Park a little farther away - I've got to open the door as far as possible so I don't bump her head putting her in this seat.
- Give me a wide radius - I may be a little distracted.

It turns out the sign is more of a warning to others of the hazardous new mom driving with an infant in the car. No one's honked or cursed at us (yet), but I'm sure I've gotten several head shakes and stares of wonderment. So the next time you see one of those signs in a car window, steer clear, for your own safety.

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